Top 5 Things to Do in Ottawa in the Fall

Ottawa in the fall becomes a kaleidoscope of autumn colours as the crisp embrace of the season takes over summer’s warmth. For those wanting an educational and interesting fall experience, this charming Canadian city is the ideal location because of its rich history, breathtaking natural surroundings, and thriving cultural scene.

The team at Paramount Apartments will explore in detail the 5 best things to do in Ottawa in the fall in this blog. 


Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal In Autumn- Ottawa in the Fall

The Rideau Canal is a stunning location all year long and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trees along the canal change colour in the fall, adding to its allure. You can either rent a bike or just stroll casually along the canal while taking in the serene surroundings and snapping pictures.


Fall Festivals


Ottawa holds a number of events in the fall to highlight its creativity and cultural variety. Notable occasions that bring together artists, authors, and creators from all over the world include the Ottawa International Animation Festival and the Ottawa International Authors Festival. It can be educational and fun to attend these events.


The ByWard Market


The ByWard Market, located in the centre of Ottawa, is a lively and historic market. Even while it’s a well-liked destination all year round, October is when it really shines. You can browse the stalls offering regional foods, handcrafted goods, and interesting mementos. Don’t forget to indulge in some maple-flavoured sweets from Canada and take in the colourful ambiance.


Autumnal Bike Ride

Fall Landscape At Andrew Haydon Park - Ottawa in the Fall

When the leaves change colour in the fall, Ottawa’s wide network of bike lanes and picturesque routes take on an even more spectacular quality. Take a leisurely bike ride after renting one from one of the city’s many rental businesses. One well-traveled path follows the Ottawa River, where you can see the breathtaking fall foliage reflecting on the water. Cycling will be a remarkable experience thanks to the fresh, chilly air and the brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow.


Ottawa Ghost Tours


Join a ghost tour to learn more about Ottawa’s ghostly past as the days get shorter and the nights become longer. These narrated tours take you through the city’s ancient streets and structures while exposing chilling tales and paranormal encounter lore. With skilled interpreters who add a hint of suspense to the experience, it’s a fascinating and slightly unsettling way to learn about Ottawa’s darker past.


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Ottawa in the fall is when the city dresses to the nines, beckoning visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of hues, cultures, and history. Ottawa has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re a lover of the outdoors, a history buff, a festival goer, or just someone looking for an exciting adventure. Therefore, keep in mind that Ottawa in the fall is not simply a destination; it is an incredible experience waiting to be enjoyed as the leaves crunch beneath your boots and the chilly wind touches your cheeks. 

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