Things To Do In Ottawa This Spring

As the seasons shift from winter to spring, the things to do in Ottawa begin changing but are still varied and exciting. Exploring this city during springtime allows you to experience its beauty in a totally different light and participate in activities that aren’t available in winter.


Knowing exactly what to do among the many options available will be difficult. Hence the team at Paramount Properties would like to provide you with a guide for the things to do in Ottawa this spring.


See The Canadian Tulip Festival


This festival began in 1945, allowing the Netherlands to express their gratitude for the role Canadian soldiers played in their liberation. And thus began one of the largest tulip festivals in the world.


Every May the festival brings a veritable cascade of tulips to the city, beautifying all the parks and public spaces. The things to do in Ottawa during this festival include live music, street performances, cultural events, etc.


Visit Scenic Gardens


Springtime brings new growths and flowers to life, making it an ideal time to see nature in its newly risen glory. Ottawa is particularly great for this, given the large number of gardens and parks that feature beautiful plant life.


A great place to visit is the Central Experimental Farm, a historic place that features ornamental gardens, a herb garden, an arboretum and other spaces for plant growth. Those looking for things to do in downtown Ottawa can visit Major’s Hill Park that overlooks the Ottawa River and features a fountain and garden. If you prefer an expansive view of how beautiful spring in Ottawa is, the Dominion Arboretum houses a large range of plant life from Canada and all over the world.


Take A Bike Ride


One of the March break activities that many love getting into in spring is biking. The city of Ottawa provides over 600 kilometres of biking paths to those who love getting around on two wheels.


Many of these paths feature amazing scenery like the Ottawa River, the Rideau Canal, parks and other public spaces. Guided bike tours and bike rentals provide many options for anyone looking to enjoy a nice Ottawa bike ride in spring.


Explore the Parliament Buildings


As the heart of the Canadian government, these buildings are open to the public all year round. During springtime, the parks and gardens surrounding the Parliament Buildings become verdant and make for a beautiful scene in your explorations.


Through guided tours, visitors can learn more about the history of the Parliament Buildings as they appreciate their springtime beauty. Additionally, you can also learn about the Canadian government, its history and how it functions presently.


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During spring, there are many things to do in Ottawa that provide many wonderful sights and activities. No matter your interests, there is something that is sure to delight you. So if you are looking for a great time in spring, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better location than Ottawa.


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