The Best Dog Parks in Ottawa

Ottawa has a ton of fantastic dog parks to choose from, which will make you pleased if you own a dog here. There is a dog park in Ottawa that will satisfy your demands, whether you’re searching for a place to let your dog run off-leash, explore some new territory, or simply mingle with other dogs and their owners. The dog parks in the city range in size and shape from huge fenced-in grounds to smaller off-leash facilities.


As such, the team at Paramount Properties would like you to know the best dog parks in Ottawa

Bruce Pit


This park is situated in the Nepean neighbourhood of Ottawa’s west end. There is a lot of room for dogs to run and play in this sizable park. The off-leash area is fenced and divided into a small dog area. The park has pathways as well as a pond where dogs are allowed to swim. Do note that the pond occasionally contains blue-green algae in the summer, which can be poisonous to dogs if consumed.


Conroy Pit


This is another well-liked dog park in Ottawa in the Nepean neighbourhood. Dogs have lots of room to run and play in this sizable, fenced off-leash playground. There are also some dog-friendly trails in a small wooded area. There’s a special area just for little dogs, similar to Bruce Pit.


Jack Purcell Park


This park, which is in Ottawa’s downtown, is well-liked by dog owners who live in the city. Although the off-leash area is a bit smaller than some of the other parks on this list, it is well-kept and a wonderful alternative for dogs who need to exercise in the city. Waste disposal facilities and water fountains are available for usage.


Riverain Park


This park, in the Vanier neighbourhood, is a terrific place for dogs who enjoy swimming. There is a sizable off-leash area where dogs can swim in the river as well as a beach area. Dogs with poor recall may need to remain on a leash because the beach area is not gated.


Connaught Dog Park


This off-leash facility, which is near Westboro, has distinct areas for large and little dogs as well as lots of trees and shade on hot summer days. Also, there are water fountains for both humans and dogs, as well as benches for dog owners to sit on. The park boasts a fantastic view of the Ottawa River and is close to it.


New Edinburgh Park


There is a small but well-kept off-leash section at this park, which is situated in the New Edinburgh neighbourhood. For human enjoyment, the park also features a playground, picnic tables, and tennis courts.


Strathcona Park


The Sandy Hill neighbourhood is home to this park, which has a modest but well-kept off-leash section. There is a lot of open room for dogs to run and play, and there are waste removal facilities.


Walter Baker Park


This Kanata park offers a sizable off-leash area with distinct areas for little and large dogs. It’s a terrific location for dogs who like to be adventurous because there are many paths and wooded areas to explore. For human enjoyment, the park also features a playground, picnic spots, and sports grounds.


Bordeleau Park


This Lowertown park has a tiny but well-kept off-leash area and a river where dogs are allowed to swim. Humans can also enjoy the playground, splash pad, and basketball courts at the park.


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Ottawa is a dog-loving city and, fortunately, it has a lot of fantastic dog parks to offer. Ottawa includes off-leash spaces for various sizes of dogs and owners, from expansive, enclosed grounds to more intimate, unfenced ones. There is no reason not to take your animal pal for a playdate in the park when there are so many possibilities available. So, the next time you’re searching for a fun activity to do with your dog, think about visiting one of Ottawa’s many dog parks.


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