Moving Out Checklist: What to Do When Leaving a Rental

Everybody moves out of rentals eventually. Whether it’s by finding a new job elsewhere, moving home, or otherwise, there comes a point when a rental must be vacated. This prompts an inescapable question: what’s the right way to move out of a rental apartment?


Moving out of an apartment rental can be a hectic and overwhelming process. Thankfully, this blog will provide you with a moving out checklist so you can get started on moving out of your current rental hassle-free! We’ll be covering the “must-dos” for moving out so you can ensure that everything is done correctly.

Give Notice When You Decide to Move Out

The first thing you should do is notify your landlord when you intend to move out. Send a notice even if you’re doing things by the book and plan on moving out on the end-of-lease date. It’s best for you and the landlord to be on the same page at all times and avoid any sort of confusion.


One important note: make sure you check the rental agreement. Not only does the rental agreement list moving-out responsibilities, but it also lists everything you need to know about the property and makes ending the lease and moving out a breeze.


Furthermore, there could be important information about payment or other financial responsibilities in the rental agreement that you may have forgotten about. All in all: make sure you’re on the same page with your landlord in regard to both your move out date and rental agreement policies.

Moving Out Checklist Must-Do: Cleaning

Cleaning is a critical part of any moving out checklist. You probably already know that organizing your things, packing them, and removing them is a fundamental part of the moving out process. Naturally, during that process, you’re likely to dust and mop as well. However, did you know that you’re likely forgetting about key areas which could leave you paying hundreds of dollars in cleaning fees?


Make sure to read this list of usually overlooked areas of the house that need to be thoroughly cleaned before moving out. Don’t worry, these areas aren’t necessarily gross or disgusting, they just need special attention! Ottawa apartments for rent all have this information readily available – ask your landlord for assistance if you do not know where to look.


  • Windows and doors (and their frames)
  • The stove and oven (hood, surface, and inside the oven)
  • Behind the sink and toilet
  • Clearing the drains
  • Inside the fridge, freezer, and microwave
  • Lastly, the baseboards.


Cleaning is one part of the moving out checklist that can’t be forgotten – make your best effort! All of the mentioned areas can be cleaned with a simple Clorox wipe or soap and cloth.

Ensure You’re Up-to-Date on Bills

This one may seem obvious but in reality, it’s the most important point on the moving out checklist! Landlords are entitled by law to keep any deposit money and put it towards unpaid bills. If you’ve set up regular payments with your bank all you need to do is check your statements to see if the due amount has been paid.


If you pay your rent and utilities manually every month, however, we recommend you confirm you met every payment month-by-month with your landlord and bank. Take pictures of your meters (water, gas, electricity) on your move out day for added peace of mind.

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