Best Coffee Shops in Centretown

Despite the historic architecture, embassies and consulates, the many coffee shops in Centretown are of particular interest to residents and tourists alike. If you need a quick cup on your way to work, you’re covered. If you’re looking for a cozy ambience so you can relax and enjoy a nice coffee, the coffee shops in Centretown are great places to be.


Hence, the team at Paramount Properties would like you to know about the best coffee shops in Centretown.

Ministry of Coffee


If you are looking to enjoy some great coffee in a relaxing and cozy environment, this Ottawa coffee shop is a great choice for you.


Ministry of Coffee provides numerous brewing methods, popular choices include pour-over and French press. Their coffee beans are ground in-house, allowing them full control of the entire brewing process. Baked goods, sandwiches and other small bites are also available to accompany your coffee.


The establishment offers specialty coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos and, if coffee isn’t your thing, Ministry of Coffee offers a selection of loose-leaf teas for those who prefer them.


Their relaxing outdoor seating area and excellent customer service make Ministry of Coffee one of the best Ottawa coffee shops.

Little Victories


Those who enjoy specialty coffee drinks and experimental styles should check out this coffee shop in Centretown.


Little Victories is known for its variety in almost everything. Their coffee beans are sourced from numerous roasters. They feature many brewing methods like French press, pour-over, and cold brew. They are constantly experimenting with new brewing techniques and flavour profiles. Additionally, Little Victories works with a rotating menu and they serve teas and other beverages for those not in the mood for coffee.


Little Victories creates a stylistically unique environment with plants and natural light. Their outdoor seating is great for those who enjoy a nice coffee in the sun. If you want great coffee in a relaxing environment, Little Victories is the place for you.




If you like your coffee organic with a side of socialization, then this is one of the best cafes in Ottawa for you.


Bridgehead is a coffee shop and roastery that maintains a commitment to fair trade, sustainability and organic coffee beans. They offer much more than coffee, food items like pastries, salads and sandwiches can also be purchased if you so desire.


Bridgehead is also known for being a social hub. Many gather there to interact and socialize with one another. If that is the kind of scene you love with a coffee in hand, then Bridgehead is the local coffee shop for you.


The Art House Café


If you are as enthusiastic about the arts as you are about coffee, then you don’t have to look any further.


The Art House Cafe provides numerous blends of coffee and teas in addition to food items like soups, pastries and sandwiches.


Its great draw is the art gallery that hosts artists, both local and regional, in rotating exhibitions all year round. Live music events and cultural performances are also hosted in the Art House Cafe, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.


Happy Goat Coffee


A popular choice for residents and tourists alike, this Centretown coffee shop offers an ambience that promotes productivity and relaxation alongside its coffee.


Happy Goat Coffee offers a wide selection of coffee drinks, each made from their ethically-sourced, sustainably-grown beans. A variety of pastries, sandwiches and other food items are available if you want any.


Happy Goat Coffee offers a comforting environment with great seating and free Wi-Fi access. This makes it one of the best coffee shops in Centretown for relaxing and working.


Quelque Chose Pâtisserie and Café


For a French twist to your experience of Ottawa coffee shops, look no further than this one.


Quelque Chose Patisserie and Cafe is known for its commitment to in-house manufacturing. Along with coffee and tea, they also specialize in French pastries and desserts like croissants, macarons, eclairs, and tarts. Everything they sell is made from scratch by their talented team.


Customers have been known to rave about their exceptional coffees and baked goods, relaxing atmosphere and friendly customer service.

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The coffee shops in Centretown create a truly spectacular coffee experience for those who love the beverage. The unique offerings, wonderful ambience and complementary features make the local cafes in Ottawa a must see for all.


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