Halloween in Ottawa: Attractions & Family Events

Looking to have an exciting Halloween in Ottawa? The Canadian capital city comes to life with a variety of exciting activities and family-friendly attractions throughout the scary season. Whatever your taste, Ottawa has a wide range of Halloween activities to satisfy every age group and level of aversion to fear.

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Halloween in Ottawa

Haunted Walks of Ottawa

All year long, Haunted Walks provides spooky guided walks that explore Ottawa’s macabre past. They frequently expand their selection in October with unique Halloween-themed excursions that take visitors through the city’s creepiest locales. Those looking for a good scare and a glimpse into Ottawa’s eerie past will find it to be an interesting and engrossing experience.

Pumpkinferno at Upper Canada Village


During the month of October, Upper Canada Village, a short drive from Ottawa, transforms into a captivating display of thousands of hand-carved pumpkins for an event known as “Pumpkinferno.” The artfully placed pumpkins create elaborate and aesthetically attractive displays. Families are welcome to stroll around this lighted paradise and see the intricate carvings on beautiful pumpkins.

Saunders Farm Haunting Season

Near Ottawa, Saunders Farm is well-known for its October “Haunting Season” celebration. There is something for everyone at this attraction, which provides a range of haunting experiences ideal for all age groups. It’s a terrific venue for families wishing to celebrate Halloween in a frightful yet entertaining fashion, with terrifying attractions for thrill-seekers and non-scary activities for smaller children.

Great Pumpkin Charity Ball

An annual charity ball with a Halloween theme takes place in Ottawa. Intricately costumed attendees arrive for a night of celebrations that includes dancing, entertainment, and fundraising endeavours. It’s a chance to have fun, show off original costumes, and support a good cause.

Haunted Houses and Attractions

Ottawa often offers a variety of fright-inducing haunted houses and other Halloween-related events. These eerie locations include terrifying walkthroughs, haunted mazes, and other terrifying experiences. There are alternatives for thrill-seekers of all ages, whether you want heart-pounding jump scares or prefer a gentle fear.

Local Community Events

Neighbourhoods and community centres in Ottawa frequently host their own Halloween celebrations, fostering a sense of community. Pumpkin decorating competitions, costume parades, and themed parties are a few examples of these occasions. Families may take part in the neighbourhood celebrations, get to know their neighbours, and take in the tight-knit community atmosphere that Halloween provides.

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The combination of terrifying tales and family-friendly activities that make up Halloween in Ottawa is intriguing. Ottawa delivers a Halloween experience unlike any other, complete with lit pumpkin displays, haunted tours that explore the city’s spooky past, and warm-hearted neighbourhood celebrations. Explore the spooky attractions and family-friendly activities that characterize Halloween in Ottawa to make the most of this eerie season.

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