Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Ottawa

Planning a date for Valentine’s Day in Ottawa can be a daunting task. The city is filled with different date spots and activities, all of which present a distinct experience. Finding the one for you can be quite challenging.


As such, the team at Paramount Properties would like you to know some date ideas in Ottawa that would be perfect for Valentine’s day.


A Carriage Ride Through Ottawa’s Streets


Ottawa is home to some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world. The urban and rural areas both present a unique charm that becomes wondrous in the nighttime. This scenery can provide the backdrop for a romantic night out.


As such, a horse-drawn ride through the streets of Ottawa is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Ottawa. Enjoying the scenic beauty of the city as you spend time with your partner is an amazing experience. If the weather is too cold, having a blanket for snuggling only enhances the intimacy of the experience.


A Hot Air Balloon Ride


While the ground-level view of Ottawa is amazing, the view from above is spectacular in its distinct way. With the added excitement of being that high over the city, the experience is sure to delight many.


Taking your significant other for an aerial tour of the cityscape can provide an amazing Valentine’s Day in Ottawa. A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to experience this scenery. The leisurely pace at which the balloon travels enhances the viewing experience and allows for an increased connection between the two of you.


A Restaurant Dinner


A classic and timeless pick of Ottawa dates would be a treat at one of the city’s best restaurants. This allows for a more formal but still intimate occasion that you and your loved one can share.


The many cafes, restaurants, bistros, etc provide a nearly limitless supply of different choices to make, each one capable of meeting a particular need. Hence you just need to make the choice that suits your style and budget to craft your desired Valentine’s Day in Ottawa.


Enjoy The Arts


An alternative means of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Ottawa would be participating in an activity together. Luckily, the city is rife with opportunities that will make February 14th a memorable day.


The National Arts Centre (NAC) offers a variety of performances and shows and some are specifically themed for the season of love. You and your partner can enjoy a musical, a play or a fine dining experience as you wait for a performance.


The Museum of Nature also presents a viable choice for the day. The display, dioramas and exhibits, both interactive and non-interactive, provide a visual feast in addition to pertinent information about the natural world.


Winter Hiking


For the more adventurous couples, Gatineau Park is one of the best date spots in Ottawa. It has some of the best hiking trails in Canada. There is a wide selection of trails to choose from, each bringing a unique view of the winter wonderland to the table.


Taking your significant other on a hike in the winter can also be a great date for Valentine’s Day in Ottawa. Enjoying the winter stroll can also be interspersed with a stop at one of the cafes in the park. There you and your partner can enjoy a nice snack before continuing your hike.


Paramount Properties – Exceptional Value In Ottawa’s Desired Locations


Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Ottawa can be a magical moment. The sheer breadth of what the city has to offer is staggering in its scope and quality. No matter what choice you make, you and your significant other can enjoy the season of love in an intimate and memorable setting.


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