Christmas in Ottawa: Things to Do During the Holidays

Christmas in Ottawa

Ottawa in December is a wintry paradise decked out in festive lights and good cheer! The Canadian capital city offers a variety of festive events to convey holiday happiness to both locals and visitors. Are you prepared to jingle your way through Ottawa’s finest Christmas festivities?


The team at Paramount Properties would like to provide you with a list of things to do during the holidays, making your Christmas in Ottawa one to remember.

Glide Through the Gleaming Rinks


Wintertime in Ottawa transforms the Rideau Canal into a magnificent ice rink that provides a breathtaking experience. Envision putting on your skates and cruising this icy marvel while gazing at the stunning cityscape. It’s an immersion into the core of Ottawa’s winter appeal, not simply a skate.


Magical Lighting on Parliament Hill


A captivating show known as Christmas Lights Across Canada takes place on Parliament Hill. Numerous thousands of shimmering lights cover the old edifice, evoking a magical atmosphere. It is a photographer’s paradise and a heartwarming scene that embodies the spirit of the holidays for everyone.


Unforgettable Christmas Markets


Explore the Christmas markets in Ottawa, where the smells of festive foods and the sounds of upbeat music fill the air. These marketplaces are a veritable gold mine of distinctive handcrafted goods, ideal for discovering that ideal present for your dear ones. The spirit of the holidays will come alive as you browse among the sellers and enjoy warm drinks.


Festive Concerts and Performances


Ottawa’s theatres and music halls present a variety of events that encapsulate the spirit of the holidays, ranging from classic carol concerts to vibrant theatrical plays. The city is alive with art and music, and there’s no shortage of concerts to choose from that will put you in the mood for celebration.


Explore Ottawa’s Seasonal Eateries


Restaurants and bars in Ottawa throw open their doors for the season and serve delicious seasonal fare. Imagine yourself enjoying hot chocolate, comfort food, and delectable holiday dishes that entice your palate while seated in front of a roaring fireplace.


Every one of these events brings a distinct element to Ottawa’s Christmas scene in December, beckoning you to fully embrace the spirit of the occasion and make treasured memories. Experience the magic and fulfillment of Ottawa’s Christmas offers, whether you want to take in a performance, stroll through the markets or ice skate on the canal.


Paramount Properties – Ottawa Apartments for Rent


Our comfortable, handy apartments provide the ideal starting point for exploring the Christmas charm of the city. Make treasured experiences this holiday season by engaging in activities like ice skating on the famous Rideau Canal, seeing quaint Christmas markets, and indulging in seasonal food. If you’re new to the Ottawa area or are planning a move in the near future, consider looking through our listing to find the perfect apartment in Ottawa! 

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