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A tranquil and relaxing home will keep you healthy and happy for work, school or your friends.

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s easy to let our stress get the better of us. If left unchecked, stressors can pile up, making it more and more difficult just to get through the day. The key to tackling unwanted feelings of stress and anxiety is close to home. Actually, a tranquil and relaxing home might be just what the doctor ordered. Keep reading to discover how to transform you bachelor, studio, or one bedroom apartment into a relaxation zone.

Whether school assignments, relationship tiffs, work colleagues or a never-ending list of items are stressing you out, you need a place where you can return to recharge your batteries. If you’re taking this stress back into your apartment, it can be difficult to catch a breath and separate yourself from these situations. Creating a peaceful environment to decompress plays an important role in up keeping your mental and physical health. 

Here are a few quick tips on how to create a stress-free environment for healthier and happier apartment living:

  • De-clutter your apartment – take 10 minutes out of your day to tidy up in order to start the day with a clean slate! You won’t be bogged down with objects in your way to get around your place, especially if it is a small bachelor apartment or studio apartment. A clear space makes room for a clear mind. 

  • Rearrange your furniture to get a better flow in your Ottawa apartment rental. Create a more spacious and functional environment rather than having more objects around.   

  • Keep your apartment bedroom dedicated to calmness and comfort. Having your bedroom disassociated with work and stress will help with sleeping habits, allowing you to rest. Separating your ‘peaceful time’ with your ‘busy time’ will allow you to better appreciate your time and put all energy into your task at hand. 

  • Keep healthy foods in your apartment for healthier habits and happier apartment living. Look for health food stores near your apartment rental in Ottawa. Ottawa has plenty of health food stores close to apartment buildings and town-house apartments around the city! By prepping your meals the night before or even a week before, it helps eliminate time for planning, cooking throughout the week. You can then enjoy your Ottawa apartment throughout the week instead of stressing about what to eat!

  • Another stress-reliever is exercising. Find a nearby gym to your Ottawa apartment or take a walk around your apartment complex, this can improve your physical well-being and reduce stress a great amount. Most apartment rentals in Ottawa also have a gym in the building so make sure to inform yourself on what your apartment building offers!

  • Let in the natural light – If you’re lucky to have big windows in your apartment, have window treatments that let the sunlight in. This boosts your mental health and helps with a positive attitude! If you have a small Ottawa apartment, having a lot of bright lights that resemble sunlight helps to create a natural setting.

Transforming your Ottawa apartment into a tranquil oasis to help de-stress can have major benefits in your mental health and physical health. Taking the time to create a relaxing environment for better apartment living will help you feel rejuvenated and motivated to tackle the next obstacle in your life! 

Good apartment living starts with living in an apartment that you enjoy being in. Make sure you have a space that you enjoy going back to and that has surrounding areas that you can take advantage of for activities. Ottawa has great neighbourhoods with plenty of features for young professionals to have some fun outside of their apartments too!

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