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Save your anxiety for exams. We've compiled a list of reasons why you should consider living in an off-campus student apartment.

It’s an age old dilemma for students living in Ottawa – to live in a student apartment off campus, or not to live in a student apartment off campus (ie: in residence on campus)?  If you’re a student, you’ll know that you and your fellow studiers have enough on your plates already. The last thing you should have to worry about is your living situation. 

At Paramount Properties, we’re here to simplify your living situation so you can spend more time worrying about your anthropology class and less time worrying about your apartment. Here are some reasons why it’s best to live off-campus in a student apartment near your school. 

Benefits of living off-campus in a student apartment: 

  • One word: Freedom. More often than not, student residences have a floor “supervisor” who enforces rules ranging from no food or drinks in the hall, to restrictive evening curfews.  Renting your first apartment in Ottawa is a young person’s rite of passage that affords freedom and the chance to grow and gain responsibility. 

  • Renting a student apartment is the economical choice for students because student apartments are often much cheaper than living in residence.  

  • Renting an apartment in Ottawa also affords the choice to live with a roommate or to go solo if you prefer. 

  • You will enjoy greater privacy by living in your own apartment.  You won’t need to worry about your roommate inviting people over to crowd your space, people knocking on your door or students gathering in the halls. 

  • Living in a student apartment guarantees greater peace and quiet. You will avoid dealing with the noise of parties at all hours of the night which provides more time for uninterrupted studying and rest. 

  • Student apartments typically have much more space than dorm rooms, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of your own bathroom and kitchen. You can store your belongings where you like, giving you a better sense of home. 

  • Renting an apartment provides you with ample opportunity to decorate and furnish your space to suit your tastes. This is a great way to express yourself while personalizing your apartment. 

  • All Paramount apartments have onsite laundry facilities, giving you the comfort and convenience of doing your laundry in your own apartment, on your own time. 

  • Apartments for rent close to your university/college make it easier to host family or friends from out of town. Often student dorms have strict rules about hosting non-students in your dorm room that could be put a big damper on your weekend hosting plans. 

Paramount Properties offers a variety of fantastic student apartments close to the University of Ottawa and Carleton, as well as student apartments close to Algonquin College and La Cite Collegiale. All of our apartments are located on major transit routes, providing you easy access to campus at any time of the day!

At the end of the day, the decision comes down to your lifestyle and personal preferences. Hopefully considering this list will assist you with making the best decision to suit your lifestyle!

If you’re a student looking to rent an apartment in Ottawa, contact us today!

Looking for an apartment to rent in Ottawa?

Paramount Properties is Ottawa's second largest residential property management company. With more than 7500 Ottawa apartment rentals available in some of the city's finest locations, we're your #1 choice for an Ottawa apartment.

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