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Finding the motivation to start your yearly spring cleaning, especially when the weather has been beckoning for you to go outside, can be quite the challenge.

Many people avoid spring cleaning simply because they’re unsure of how to tackle the project. The biggest mistake people can make is trying to get all the work done in one day. Not only is this incredibly hard to accomplish, but it's time-consuming and tiring. 


Cleaning your home from top to bottom can be overwhelming, but with the help of a well-coherent plan, you’ll have your home in tip-top shape in no time. 

In addition to making your home feel refreshed, a deep spring cleaning can benefit your mental and physical health. To make this task feel a little less intimidating, there are a few simple tips listed below that are sure to make this a smooth sailing project. 

Make a Plan

The process of decluttering and cleaning a space can be made easy with the help of a well-crafted plan.

Create a cleaning schedule that details home chores for the week, what room you’ll tackle each day and goals for the season. This will help you prioritize what surfaces and areas need to be scrubbed and decluttered while keeping you on track to achieving your set goals. 

Declutter the Area First 

Before you begin dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces, be sure to declutter your home. 

Anything that needs to be donated, put in storage, or thrown away should be dealt with as it’ll make your home feel less cluttered and save you time when cleaning. To help organize these items, place the belongings in one of three boxes: donate, put away, and throw away. 

Maintaining a list of everything you’ve placed in these boxes will help you keep track of your things and make finding them in the future much easier. 

Organize the Closets

Closets tend to get stuffed with items during the winter season, making it practically impossible to find anything under all the coats, boots, and winter gear. 

Packing away all the winter essentials will allow you to see what's hidden in the storage space and how to go about organizing it. Anything you won’t be using during the spring and summertime should be moved aside to make space for season-appropriate items.

Change Air Filters 

To ensure the air in your home stays fresh, consider swapping out the air conditioner and furnace filters. 

Not only will this simple change help keep your home clean from dust mites and allergens, but it will also increase the indoor air quality. Maintaining good indoor air quality has several health benefits including helping your family members sleep and breathe easier. 

Looking to Make Ottawa Your New Home?

Spring is all about new beginnings, whether it’s in the form of blooming flowers or new apartments. 

Our friendly and well-experienced staff work hard to ensure your apartment is equipped with fully-functioning appliances and fixtures to maximize your comfort. Paramount Properties is Ottawa's second-largest residential property management company, with over 7,500 apartments for you to choose from. 

Find your ideal home by browsing through our locations on our website or getting in touch with us today.

Looking for an apartment to rent in Ottawa?

Paramount Properties is Ottawa's second largest residential property management company. With more than 7500 Ottawa apartment rentals available in some of the city's finest locations, we're your #1 choice for an Ottawa apartment.

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