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As the season gets colder, creating that warm and cozy ambience in your living space becomes more and more critical. Inspiration for apartment decor for a cozy is not hard to find but what will actually work for you?

To help you avoid the torrent of information from the internet, the team at Paramount Apartments is here to provide you with cozy apartment decorating ideas.

Blankets and Rugs

When your apartment is feeling colder than before, blankets and rugs are a great first line of defence. With a fluffy blanket and an equally comfortable rug, your body won’t endure cold air and cold floors with no recourse. The winter season becomes more enjoyable when you are comfortable in your snug, fluffy blanket and enjoying the feel of your furry rug on your feet.


Choosing the right colours for your apartment can evoke the coziness your heart desires. Creating a look for your apartment with inspiration based on wood cabins and lodges contributes to that warm feeling. Adding wood furniture and decor in warm colours is a great way to pull this off. Simple choices like picture frames and tables with wood tones induce the feeling of coziness. A more elaborate choice would be a TV stand with an alluring stained finish.


A simple and inexpensive way to bring coziness to your apartment is to change the lighting. Great lighting can adjust the mood of a room, making it warm and inviting. Allowing natural light into your apartment can provide your apartment with soft and cozy lighting. Using LED lights and candles, especially those with warm colours, are ideal for adjusting the lighting of your apartment. Some LED light models feature adjustable settings, allowing you to simulate a constellation or holiday lights in the comfort of your apartment or turn them on and off at specific times you determine.

Throw Pillows

Having fluffy pillows available on your couch is a great way to cozy up your apartment. The feeling can also be simulated with throw pillow covers if they are sufficiently soft and fuzzy. The pillows will be available whenever you need to snuggle with a good book or settle in for an extended TV viewing session. This evokes that precious warm and cozy ambience.

Bed Adjustments

With a few additions, your bed can become even warmer and more inviting, creating coziness right in your bedroom. A comforter set with especially soft and plush features is great for this. Also, the addition of a canopy with curtains around your bed will definitely create an intimate and cozy feeling around your bed.

Paramount Apartments - Ottawa’s Largest Residential Housing Provider

With these tips, inspiration for your apartment should come easy and your warm and cozy ambience will be at your fingertips. This will allow you to enjoy the winter season as comfortably as you want it.


Please contact us if you need an apartment in the Ottawa area. Paramount Apartments has been managing high-quality residential apartments since its inception in 1986. With teamwork, planning and preventative maintenance, we commit to and attain tenant satisfaction and professional excellence. With us, you will receive unbeatable value and safety in the city’s most desirable locations.


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