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From improving indoor air quality to making your space feel more welcoming and alive, there are a handful of benefits to incorporating indoor plants in your apartment decor.

One of the biggest challenges apartment owners face is a lack of sunlight shining through, especially in smaller flats. Dark and dry areas are not the most ideal environments to grow plants and flowers, which is why many struggle to add and keep greenery alive in their apartments. 

Beyond just looking pretty, plants also come with some notable health benefits including, lowering stress and anxiety, boosting productivity, and helping you heal from injuries faster. 

While all plants do need sunlight to survive, certain species can thrive in areas with little light. So which types of plants are easy to maintain and can survive in less than tropical conditions?

The Spider Plant

Whether you’ve been out of town for a couple of days or simply forgot to water your plants, the spider plant is incredibly forgiving. 

This self-propagating, air cleaning, and petite plant requires little maintenance and thrives in low-light conditions. If you’re looking for a plant that works well alone or alongside others, the spider plant is the perfect fit for you.

Jade Plant

The classic jade plant is ideal for succulent obsessed apartment dwellers looking to add a little greenery to their space.

Though it requires a little more sunlight than other species, it only needs to be watered every two weeks or when the soil becomes completely dry. If you notice the green luscious leaves turning grey, it’s an indicator that not enough sunlight is reaching the plant.

ZZ Plants

Native to Zanzibar, a country located in East Africa, the ZZ plant is one of the lowest maintenance plants available on the market.

This hardy plant can tolerate water and light neglect, making it perfect for first-time plant owners. It only needs to be watered a few times a month, doesn’t require a lot of light, and rarely attracts any bugs or pests.


If you’re looking to spice up your apartment, you might want to invest in some cacti. Available in a variety of funky shapes, colours, and sizes they can be placed just about anywhere in your apartment.

Since they can survive in a desert, taking care of them will be a walk in the park. Just place them near a window, water them whenever the soil gets dry and you’re golden.


In addition to its good looks, bamboo is meant to create a positive living environment, which is helpful when living in a busy city.

It thrives in dim, indirect sunlight which is great for apartments with little window space. Similar to other plants, you’ll only need to water it when the soil gets dry.

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