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Grey days got you down? Think the snow blows? We get it, you just want to curl up into a ball until the sun comes out and the warm weather comes back. We do too.

Sometimes, you just need a little extra help to beat the winter blues. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are five tips to get rid of that seasonal sadness:

#1. Blast your favourite music while you declutter your apartment

Living in a clutter-free space can instantly lift your mood. Unfortunately, the idea of cleaning your apartment can be daunting. If you groan at the thought of taking out the vacuum, but long for a tidy space, we can help.

Make reorganizing fun by singing along to your favourite music as you clean up your space! Start with small goals – after 20 minutes of tidy-up, you get 20 minutes of TV. If you're stumped on where to start, you can check out our previous blog on how to tidy up your apartment. 

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#2. Get some fresh air and explore your neighbourhood

Sometimes you just need to get out. And living in Ottawa gives you the benefit of having some of Canada’s best features right outside your door! Take a stroll past the beautiful Parliament Hill or the Rideau Canal.

If you prefer to do your exploring indoors, try spending an afternoon taking in the culture at the National Gallery of Canada or window shopping at Rideau Centre.

An added bonus, they’re all just minutes away from Centretown Place!

#3. Get some exercise!

Exercise releases endorphins in your brain that will immediately lift your mood!

Winter is a great time to take advantage of your apartment’s amenities. If you live in Elgin Square Apartments, try swimming a few laps at the indoor pool. If you live at Stonecliffe Apartments, hit the workout facility! It can be tough to motivate yourself to get active, but not having to leave your apartment makes it a little bit easier.

Sometimes the best solution to a gloomy mood can be as simple as a change in scenery for a few hours.

#4. Make time to relax

No matter how busy your schedule is, make time to relax. Overworking yourself— especially in the dreary winter months—can bring you down.

Have a night in away from the cold and do something just for yourself. Whether it’s reading a book, watching Netflix or taking a hot bath, enjoy the quiet comfort of your apartment and slow down your mind.

The weather doesn’t get to determine your mood, you do!

#5. New Year, new clothes: do a purge of your closet!

As the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new!

A fantastic way to feel refreshed is to clear out some of the clothes you never wear. Not only will it remove some of the clutter in your apartment, but it will also make space in your closet for a fresh new wardrobe.

Whether it’s playing your favourite tunes, tidying up your closet or taking time for yourself, there are lots of ways to beat that winter blues in Ottawa this season!

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