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January 1st isn’t the only time of the year when you have the opportunity to decide to improve your health. In reality, the most important health decisions you make aren’t resolutions at all – they’re those small choices you make every day that add up to an overall healthy lifestyle. 

The apartment you live in can impact the daily choices you make and whether or not you follow through on the healthy lifestyle you want. Here’s how certain characteristics about your Ottawa apartment may be holding you back from that healthy lifestyle you’re after, such as a location that’s far from your gym, walking paths, health food stores or grocery stores, or a building that doesn’t have storage lockers for your fitness equipment (to name a few). 

Consider these tips to help you select an apartment the will help capture that healthy lifestyle you want and deserve:

Choose an Ottawa Apartment Close to Your Gym and Work

If you live close to your gym, that’s one less excuse not to go. It cuts time off the home-to-gym commute, and the more frequently you see the gym, the more frequently you’ll be reminded to go. Also, living in an apartment close to where you work gives you the option to walk to work every now and then. By living in a downtown Ottawa apartment building such as Centretown Place for example, you could walk to work, then to the gym, then home – saving time and eliminating excuses!

Live Close to Walking Trails

Living along one of Ottawa’s many walking trails is not only picturesque – it can be healthy. The idea to “go on a walk” may never occur to you if Ottawa’s walking trails are all out of sight, out of mind. The best part is, Ottawa has many beautiful walking trails located throughout the city – whether you’re looking for an Ottawa apartment in the East end, West end, South part of Ottawa or a downtown apartment. 
Walking trails are a good idea for pets too! Look for a pet-friendly Ottawa apartment located along walking trails, such as Cartier Square Apartments, which is located just steps away from the beautiful Rideau Canal pathway. 

Choose A Place With Exercise Facilities

Even if your Ottawa apartment is close to your gym or along a walking trail, you may not want to step one foot outdoors during an episode of unpleasant Ottawa weather – and you can’t be blamed for that! To avoid this, choose an Ottawa apartment equipped with exercise equipment, such as Elgin Square Apartments where you can work out in your very own onsite fitness centre. 
There are many features about apartments in Ottawa that could support your goals for a healthy lifestyle, but that could be easily overlooked when deciding where to live. Fortunately, these tips should have you well on your way to selecting the Ottawa apartment that’s right for you and your healthy lifestyle!

Looking for an apartment to rent in Ottawa?

Paramount Properties is Ottawa's second largest residential property management company. With more than 7500 Ottawa apartment rentals available in some of the city's finest locations, we're your #1 choice for an Ottawa apartment.

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