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Paramount Properties Blog - 5 of the Best Indoor Plants for Apartments
Date Posted: May 9, 2022

One of the biggest challenges apartment owners face is a lack of sunlight shining through, especially in smaller flats. Dark and dry areas are not the most ideal environments to grow plants and flower...

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Paramount Properties Blog - Apartment Hunting Tips
Date Posted: May 2, 2022

Finding the perfect apartment that fits your budget and needs can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not sure how to begin your apartment hunting process. Think of apartment hunting lik...

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Paramount Properties Blog - Ottawa Apartment Storage Tips
Date Posted: April 20, 2022

You may be tempted to take the easy way out and simply throw everything out, but stuff, some of it at least, is important to keep.  Finding extra storage space used to be nothing short of a mira...

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Paramount Properties Blog - Reorganizing Your Apartment for Spring Cleaning
Date Posted: April 19, 2022

Many people avoid spring cleaning simply because they’re unsure of how to tackle the project. The biggest mistake people can make is trying to get all the work done in one day. Not only is this ...

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Paramount Properties Blog - Moving into a Smaller Ottawa Apartment
Date Posted: March 1, 2022

So you’ve  decided to move into a smaller Ottawa apartment. Maybe it’s your first  apartment, maybe you’re moving in with a partner, or maybe you’re downsizing  ...

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Paramount Properties Blog - Apartment Recycling Tips
Date Posted: February 14, 2022

According to a news story by the CBC, Ottawa's apartment tenants throw out an astonishing 81 per cent of all materials that could be recycled! While the routine behind garbage and recycling collectio...

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